55mins               £50 

Acupuncture  is a holistic form of medicine that focuses on improving the well being of the whole patient rather than on the treatment of isolated specific symptoms. The aim of acupuncture is to regulate and restore the harmonious energetic balance of the body, with no side effect, known as Qi.A system of healing which has been used for thousands of years and is practiced by inserting fine sterile disposable needles into the body at specific points. Electromagnetic research has confirmed the location of these points.

Even though it is primarily described as a means of pain relief, the World Health Organisation has said that acupuncture in East London,  is also suitable for treatment of the ear, nose and throat, respiratory, gastro intestinal, gynecological, nervous and muscular system disorders. Also, NICE has recently recognised acupuncture as a good and safe system for lower back pain. It is also useful for mental – emotional distress, as well as other stress related symptoms.  It has also been widely used as positive support for smoking cessation.


1 in 6 couples have problems conceiving naturally. Most infertile couples seek treatments such as IUI, IVF and ICSI before turning to acupuncture.Research has shown that acupuncture is a useful tool for improving pregnancy rates and has shown that, after ART (Assisted Reproduction Therapy), the number of clinical pregnancies was 60% higher in the acupuncture group of the research.

The practitioner will see a patient through the Assisted Reproduction Therapy cycle to the transfer of embryos when acupuncture will help secure implantation and prevent miscarriage. All through the ART cycle it will help the patient to deal with the strong side effects of the hormones and will provide much needed relaxation at a time which can be extremely stressful and emotional. Women who have suffered miscarriages in the past like to continue treatment until the pregnancy is well established and they feel secure and safe. Obviously acupuncture can help with infertility issues outside the ART system and is very effective at treating what medicine calls unexplained infertility. Acupuncture also successfully treats men who have poor sperm count, motility or morphology.

Labour induction and breech babies

Acupuncture, using moxa, can turn a breech baby when attempts have been made by a midwife without success. You will receive initial treatment, then be given a stick of moxa (and instructions) to use at home until the baby has turned. It is an easy, safe and discomfort free option that can be used after week 36.Also, when labour is overdue, acupuncture is a safe and efficient way of starting the process and the treatment of choice of mothers who do not want a medical induction. On average, you will need 2 or 3 treatments daily or every other day.
Acupuncture has also been shown to promote a shorter, more efficient and less painful labour, whether overdue or not.

Acupuncture and Shiatsu

1hr & 50mins               £110

Both therapies are complementary and can be practiced together in one session. The treatment will usually start with shiatsu so you are very relaxed and end with acupuncture to address specific issued more effectively. Many patients who can’t decide which would be the most effective for their issue may choose to have both in one session.