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55mins        £50         85mins         £70  with Grape-seed oil

55mins        £55         85mins         £75 with safely chosen Essentials oils

The array of changes your body goes through during all the stages of pregnancy is considerable and profound. Seeking our pregnancy massage East London services can work wonders towards alleviating many of the more problematic aspects of those changes. Few truly appreciate the benefits of a pregnancy massage. Pregnancy Massage benefits Bringing a new life into the world can be a beautiful, powerful experience. That experience is highlighted by changes to your structure, your physiological state, your psyche, and your spiritual state. There can even be social changes that can occur during pregnancy. Some of these changes can emphasize how beautiful and powerful that pregnancy experience can be. Unfortunately, other changes can cause varying levels of discomfort, emotional pain, and psychological distress. This is where pregnancy massage can help. Finding a place that can handle your needs can be difficult. However, we are confident that all of your needs can be met through our pregnancy massage East London service. Massage is capable of soothing the mind and spirit for so many different people from so many different walks of life. This fact can certainly be applied to pregnant women. There are a number of ways in which a pregnant woman, and even her partner, can benefit from massage. Utilizing Pregnancy Massage Given the problems that can arise during pregnancy, massage can be a formidable means of easing physical, psychological, and spiritual discomfort. This is the foundation of massage, but it’s important to understand that there are a few ways in which pregnancy massage differs from other types of massages. Oils are avoided in the first trimester. In addition, the abdominal area, the lower back area, and the feet are not massaged in the first trimester either. Certain contraindicated conditions might be in place during your pregnancy, so it’s advisable to speak with your GP or midwife prior to making an initial appointment with us. Your comfort, your health, and the health of your unborn child are of the utmost importance to us. Every aspect of your pregnancy will be taken into consideration, prior to beginning massage therapy. A Pregnancy massage in London can not only help your body and mind to process the changes you’ve already gone through. It can also help you to get ready for the changes that are going to occur during and even after your pregnancy. These massage techniques will diminish discomfort, and get you ready for the day in which you go into labor. This is a process that can even create a sense of nurturing that is specific to motherhood. It can serve as a bonding link between you and your child. Simply alleviating commonplace pains and aches associated with pregnancy (post-partum massage is also a possibility that can be explored) is just the beginning. There are so many things you can do to make the time in which you are expecting more comfortable. Having a baby shouldn’t be limited to dealing with pain, discomfort, stress, anxiety, and depression all the time. Massage is capable of making it possible to instead focus on the best parts of both pregnancy and motherhood.