55mins               £45

A gentle foot massage which focuses on the reflex points of the feet corresponding to specific parts of the body. Applying direct pressure to these points, found on the feet and ankles, promotes relaxation, encourages healing and can help restore and maintain your body’s natural healthy equilibrium. Our Reflexologist are also specialist in Pregnancy Reflexology.    Why don’t you try a 55 mins Reflexology followed by 30mins Hand Reflexology  £ 65  

Pre-Conception Reflexology

55mins                £45

With at least one in four couples are having difficulties conceiving. Reflexology can help both partners to improve their hormonal and reproductive functions. It can also help to get rid of toxins, relieve stress and helping in the best possible way to create new life. Reflexology can also be used along other medical fertility treatments.                                      

Maternity Reflexology

55mins                £45

Is suitable for woman after they have passed the first trimester (12 weeks ) it is the ideal opportunity for pregnant woman to enjoy feeling pampered and relaxed, throughout pregnancy. You will experience many changes to your body hormonal and psychological changes and emotions associated with this major first child or the new member in your family. With Reflexology you are providing a very effective way of losing common problems associated with a pregnant’s woman’s body changes such as: Anxiety, constipation, backache, digestive disorders, fatigue, heartburn, headaches, insomnia, morning sickness, nausea, oedema (fluid retention) pelvic discomfort, sciatica, tiredness  Maternity Reflexology can prepare yourself for a natural labour and reduce labour time, also can be used to  bring on labour in a post term pregnancy.

Our Reflexologist’s are members of the Association of Reflexology