I was booked in with Joan for a red carpet facial, for  my anniversary  treat, so I wanted to look absolutely fab. When I arrived at oneaddison what a beautiful practice that is, the waiting room, the decoration amazing you can tell they love their jobs  and Joan did a miracle on me, this Bionic Oxygen masque its so amazing, I bought one to try out at home, its a must to have. Joan pampered me for 85mins my skin looks amazing, even she manage to massage my neck, hands and scalp during the Bionic tonic masque was setting in, I can’t praise it enough I am a big fan of oneaddison and I am so looking forward to my next treatment.

Linda Robsen/London

“I met Stephen when my usual osteopath was not available. He was quickly on the ball with my problems and was quick to advise on solutions. He is a caring person who listens to what you have to say. He also has a wealth of knowledge on how to keep healthy. I was seeing him for a few months, I go back every now and again for a check up. Have recommended to friends & family”

Les George/ Romford

“My first visit to see Stephen was due to a tendon issue. Having already been misdiagnosed by four doctors, and only able to walk with the aid of crutches, I was immediately struck by Stephen’s exact locating of the pain and trauma.

Having further issues arise over the next few months, some of which were long-standing; I was made to feel a sense of ease, not only with Stephen’s kind and supportive nature, but his innate ability to understand and have insight into a deeper level of healing for an individual, which in turn has enabled my return back to work.

Thank you Stephen for your generosity, you have performed miracles”

Sheri S./ Leytonstone

I have been going to oneaddison in Wanstead for many years and have an Aromatherapy massage with Joan. She always blends organic essential oils for my personally needs.

The friendliness, care and personal attention I am getting at oneaddison from Joan and also from Jedd and Will means I come out of there totally relaxed and revitalised and pampered, looking so forward to my regular treatments.

Joy W./Wanstead
“Over a 6 week period I sought advice and treatment from Stephen at One Addison, for both lower back and knee pain.

From the very first appointment, I found Stephen to be incredibly welcoming and approachable and extremely professional. This was the first time I have consulted an Osteopath. I was initially impressed by Stephen’s thorough approach when taking my history and his primary examination in connection with the two problems I was suffering. At the end of the initial consultation, he explained his findings in easily understandable terms, and in a way that instilled me with confidence that his recommendations were well worth listening to.

One thing that stood out for me personally at the first consultation was that I felt under no pressure to return for any further treatment, there was no hard sell, which is so refreshing these days! His manner was such that he had empowered me to help myself going forward, but I was happy to return for further treatment and advice.

I am delighted to report that I followed Stephen’s advice (this involved yoga stretches which I carried out at home) and coupled with the two further review and treatment sessions, I feel so much better and have seen a dramatic improvement with my lower back and knee pain

To conclude, I would highly recommend Stephen’s services, and will not hesitate to return to him for further advice and treatment in the future”

Gill D./ South Woodford

I had a fantastic Thai therapeutic herbal treatment by Will. I am working on a desk nearly ten hours a day, and on the weekend I am cycling 120 to 150 miles so my body was very tense and I needed lots of work done, also my back was very tight. Will worked wonders, he spent lots of time on my tense legs and lower back, I had the 85mins treatment. The herbal oil massage was so soothing, I felt fantastic, I can’t  praise Will enough, he’s a fantastic masseur and I am sure I will book in with him on a weekly basis. I live in Islington but it’s certainly worth the journey to come to oneaddison complementary therapies in Wanstead E11, 3 mins walk from the central line station. The friendliness of the oneaddison staff are  outstanding and the therapy room very nice decorated and I appreciate they are open till 8pm which is fantastic for me.

Rob Cumming/ Islington

The hot stone treatment combined with a deep-tissue massage was a very enjoyable and relaxing experience. Sharon used smooth heated stones as an extension of her own hands and also placed some of them on my body while she massaged other parts of my body. The heat was truly relaxing and helped warm up tight muscles, so that she worked more deeply. I felt very relaxed and soothed afterwards. The tasteful decoration of the house, the calm surroundings and the friendliness of staff all contribute to make any treatment a delightful experience.                                       

Anne-Sophie Vandamme/London 

After six weeks of pain and disturbed sleep due to a stiff neck and and shoulder, I made an appointment for massage at one Addison. My masseuse was Sharon, an expert in sports and deep tissue massage. I had three massages over the space of four weeks. Not only did all pain and stiffness disappear but my whole upper body is more flexible. I slept deeply straight after the very first massage. I cannot recommend Sharon and oneaddison highly enough – I’ve had many deep tissue massages but she is extraordinary. On top of the excellent treatment, the environment is gorgeous – both serene and sumptuous. I leave one Addison feeling as though I’ve spent a day at a luxurious spa.

Bridgid Joy / Wanstead

After having tried for a baby for almost six years without success and having just gone through my first failed cycle of IVF, I was introduced to Catherine during a visit to One Addison. I was very impressed with her qualifications and experience but was still a little apprehensive as well. Will this work when everything else hasn’t? We’ve been trying for so long by that time!

During our first meeting, Catherine immediately made me feel at ease as I am extremely scared of needles and talked us through the process. That Friday night I went for my first session very nervously. Before I knew it I was lying on the table with needles all over RELAXING!! I could not believe it!! I slept like a baby that night. After that I could not wait for my Friday sessions of relaxation and a nice chat with Catherine. Lo and behold, two months later I was pregnant!! I kept going for acupuncture throughout the first three months of my pregnancy and felt really well. We now have the most beautiful baby daughter. <strong
E. Pienaar / Epping

I always really look forward to having a treatment at oneaddison as it is so lovely to be able to completely relax and be pampered. All the therapists and the owners Will and Jedd make you feel so welcome when you arrive and I always leave feeling so much calmer. The environment is really friendly and welcoming and the treatment room is comfortable and very nicely decorated.I have been lucky enough to experience a range of treatments from different therapists and I have never been disappointed. As I always say to friends, “if one addison didn’t exist I would have to invent it”!
Nicky Gray / London

For the past 2 months I have been having weekly acupuncture to treat my insomnia and anemia. I was amazed after the first session I actually had a full nights sleep. My energy levels and overall sense of well being are beginning to increase with every treatment.
Kerstie Lyons / London

I have now experienced the OneAddison Body Massage and the Indian Head Massage, by Will and Jedd respectively. After both treatments I have felt wonderful, relaxed and energised all at the same time! The treatments are concluded by a bowl of fresh fruit (blueberries last time!) and a cup of fruit tea. I will most definitely be having more therapies; my only difficulty is in deciding which one to have next! Thanks must be given to Will and Jedd, as I always leave feeling lovely!
Antonia Shearman / Leyton

After a Shiatsu treatment I feel both energised and relaxed, mentallyand physically. I have a real sense of tranquillity and well-being, and I am better able to cope with the stresses of life. Leigh is an inspired and intuitive healer.
Helen Veale / Wanstead

After sustaining a bad shoulder injury following a skiing accident a year ago I had tried various forms of treatment including Cortisone injections, physiotherapy and acupuncture and had even consulted a leading orthopedic surgeon. Although these helped to varying degrees the shoulder injury was not fully recovering. I spoke to Jedd at One Addison and he recommended that I should try the sports massage with Neil Carpenter. Neil has successfully pinpointed many muscular stresses and tensions in the soft tissue around where the injury had occurred. The massage has helped to reduce much of the tightness in the muscles and has greatly improved my flexibility. I am combining Neil’s massage with various strengthening exercises that the physio recommended and I am confident that the injury is now well on the way to fully recovering.
Rob Scriven / London

Thank-you so much for my treatment. It was incredible. I was not able to get much peace over the weekend but when I got back home on the Monday I had a three-hour nap. WOW. The best sleep I’ve had in a while. I guess I’m feeling more balanced too. A lot less stressed out. Happier. I knew Shiatsu was good but I didn’t know it was this good. I must do some more! Thanks again,
Beatrice Clyde-Smith / Jersey

My daughter had been experiencing headaches and neck pain for sometime. Robert was able to make an accurate assessment of the underlying cause and through massage and stretching exercises has helped my daughter enormously.Robert is extremely professional, informative and caring – I would have no hesitation in recommending him.
Shona O’Neil / Wanstead

As a first time mother of a 4wk old baby suffering from severe colic, I must admit I felt apprehensive when someone recommended Cranial Osteopathy. I decided to go along and see for myself what the treatment involved. I arrived at one Addison in Feb. 2007 I was met with a warm welcome and was put at ease within a minute of walking through the door.My baby who was extremely fretful at the time appeared calm by the soft music and relaxing environment which always greeted us.Ella continued to see Lucy Green weekly and after 2wks a significant change was observed in her temperament and sleeping pattern following treatment. When Ella was 10wks old Lucy went on holiday and therefore treatment was halted for 3wks. It was at this time that I realised how much of an improvement she had made to Ellas health. Ella regressed and become very fretful once again and the pattern of colic increased. As a family we couldn’t wait for Lucy’s return. She has a consistent approach to treatment and is particularly gentle calm and softly spoken which has caused my daughter to fall asleep on several occasions due to her relaxed state.
Ella is now 16wks old and fortunately practically clear of colic. I cannot thank Lucy Green enough for all she has done for us to alleviate Ellas pain and help her to become a contented baby.

A thank you also goes to Jedd Greening who always welcomes us to the one Addison practice and has offered great emotional support during visits. One Addison has provided a safe haven for myself, Ella and her father and we want to offer our thanks and recommend Cranial Osteopathy to any parent in a similar situation.
L.Davies / London

What would I have done without One Addison over the last few years?! Aromatherapy massage to relieve the stress of two children and a busy life. Osteopathy for the pain caused by a car accident. Shiatsu massage when I need a boost. Silk slippers, beautiful surroundings and first class treatments by dedicated and caring therapists providing a personal service for my well being. I couldn’t say enough nice things about them – that’s why I keep going back!
Mary Grace /Wanstead